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Petualangan AP (24) dan MZ (23) akhirnya terhenti setelah keduanya diringkus personel Polsek Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh

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BANDA ACEH - The Adventures of AP (24) and MZ (23) finally stopped after two Shiite Polsek diringkus personnel Kuala, Banda Aceh, on Sunday (4/5) afternoon. 

Second student in one of the private universities (PTS) in Banda Aceh, the Teenage brain ditengarai a motorcycle theft (sepmor) that's has occurred on campus Unsyiah and Ar-Raniry UIN and a number of pilot projects in the Shiite district of Kuala, Banda Aceh.

Kapolresta Banda Aceh, Comr Pol Moffan MK SH, say, the second arrest offenders, starting with When the AP, again repeating his crimes solely on Gampong Rukoh, the Shiite district of Kuala, unaccompanied MZ colleagues. "Usually in all its action, both AP and MZ always. MZ motorcycle duty to find the target to be stolen, while MZ mengeksekusinya, "said Moffan, Told Reporters on Monday (5/5) afternoon.

Arrest AP, add Kapolsek Shiite Cape, AKP Joseph Hariadi SH, originates raibnya sepmor Supra X 125 BL 3683 LU's Fajri (37) Rukoh citizens, the Shiite district of Kuala, Which is heating up outside his house around 09:00 pm. 

AP sepmor chance crossing with Yamaha Vixion 4156 BL JK (fake ID) on the way home front sacrifices see Supra X is in the condition of the machine is on, but no men. So even then leveraged by the AP, not with his Vixion Parked far from the location of the victim (still in the Gampong Rukoh). 

Then, the AP back to the house and found Supra X Fajri is still heated his engine without people there. "Later on a new victim noticed his motorcycle was missing. Some also questioned neighbors who do not know, until Fajri Standard and Poor decided to report cases to the Shiite Polsek Cape, "said Joseph.

Therefore, the Victims did not bring any letter from Supra X raib that's hers is, until the policy Fajri Ordered to return back home to take the letters of his vehicle. "When the victim returned that's she noticed a motorcycle Parked in front of a Shophouse near a workshop in Gampong Rukoh. Melayu, From the testimony of the people mentioned that's leads Supra X is a powerfully built young man. Feels Because his motorcycle was stolen, so Victims Rushing to report it to Polsek, "says Joseph.

A number of personnel Opsnal Reskrim Polsek Shiite Kuala been sent to the scene to do a stakeout. "Apparently so, not long ago there performers, that's AP along with her ​​daughter-in-law and a new three-day arrived in Banda Aceh, the motorcycle approached, "says Kapolsek Shiite Cape.

So even then not Wasted by policy, Joseph said that's directly attack the perpetrator. Seeing the presence of personnel, the performers managed to Obscure. however, the policy was convinced that's possibility, finally got meringkus suspected AP. "The expansion of AP, on the same day, the personnel also catch MZ motorcycle with false berpelat Satria F BL 6561 NG allegedly stolen and a receiver of the stolen goods, "pungkas Joseph.

Joseph said so far, the government has to do the expansion. Because of the recognition of AP and MZ are around 15 sepmor in the Shiite district of Kuala, Pendahuluan the Campus UIN Unsyiah and Ar-Raniry Sonny stolen limit. Generally sepmor stolen are still in the hands of receivers outside Banda Aceh SWAG average sale Rp 2 to 3 millions by both actors. (mir)
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